Spinal Surgery

A range of spinal conditions can require surgical intervention including spinal injury or trauma, scoliosis, degenerative conditions, arthritis, spinal stenosi, tumours and disc damage. Using the most appropriate individual treatment plan, surgery can be effectively used to reduce pain, tingling, numbness and weakness; improve movement and function; remove disc and nerve pressure; restore spinal stability and to fuse two or more vertebrae together to prevent painful motion.


Our team has extensive experience in both minimally invasive keyhole surgery, and also more complex surgery which can alter the anatomy of the spine to treat debilitating conditions and realign the spine with the goal to allow patients to manage everyday activities.


Specialist spinal surgery treatment includes cervical surgery options – cervical discectomy, anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion, artificial cervical disc replacement, laminectomy, laminectomy with fusion and occipito-cervical fixation. Lumbar options – lumbar discectomy, lumbar laminectomy, lumbar fusion surgery and lumbar artificial disc. Plus a complete range of surgical scoliosis correction options.

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